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We pride ourselves by having the best team of advisors you can ever have

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We have attained to this level with the help of our technologies and advisors

About Our company

Reach your Personal Goals with us

Established by a strong team of highly skilled traders and investment consultants in the offline and online investment market. We put your investments in new highly remunerative innovative projects, which offers great returns along.

We pioneered a consulting-based approach to private Asset investing, partnering closely with management teams to offer the insights that challenge conventional thinking, build great businesses and improve operations You'll find a team of financial professionals with years of industry experience and access to a network of resources ready to help you navigate your financial future.

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10+ Years of Experiences
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Services We Offer

What We Do

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Crypto Investment

With over 500+ registered and regulated professional traders on Highbreed Limited, youcan start investing in cryptocurrency easilyand also get a more advanced view of the Market data Center. At Highbreed Limited we thrive to bring you the modern trading experience.

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Real Estate

We and our affiliates have owned, developed and managed multifamily, offices, industrial, retail and hotel properties throughout Asia United States and accross Europe. Highbreed Limited has a history of identifying real estate investment opportunities through its network of long-term, strategic relationships.

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Our team of agricultural specialists understand that different types of farming often have different needs. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector can help you to overcome the daily challenge of improving efficiency to maximise potential growth

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Our best services

We pride ourselves on offering Great service

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Mirror Your Desired Expert

Highbreed Limited offers automated Mirror trading services across all sectors, Find your desired expert, get your account linked to their services and mirror the trades, learn as well through the trades, across various Market and sectors, Options, derivatives, currency pairs, Swings/ Scalp trading, Crypto currencies, Forex and Index.

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Good Investor Relations

Highbreed Limited provides advanced investment strategies and wealth management solutions to forward-thinking investors around the world. We offer a diversity of investment approaches, encompassing fundamental management, Responsible Investing and customized implementation of client-specified portfolio exposures.

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Committed to the community

It's really important to us that we give something back to the communities we serve. Every year we host thousands of charity and business networking events across our stores. We're proud to partner with a leading charity to help support young people across the world with cancer.

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Learn how we work in finance company

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Step: 1

All our professionals and Executives come together top plan

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Step: 2
Risk Evaluation

We evaluate the possible risks that may arise in the process

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Step: 3

While we have met our standards, we start making out investments

Investment Plans

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After 24 Hours

Basic Plan
  • Min - $50
  • Max - $499
  • Referral bonus - 3%
  • Instant Withdrawals
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For 3 Days

Regular Plan
  • Min - $500
  • Max - $1999
  • Referral bonus - 5%
  • Instant Withdrawals
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For 5 Days

Professional Plan
  • Min - $2,000
  • Max - $4,999
  • Referral bonus - 7%
  • Instant Withdrawals
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For 7 Days

Premium Plan
  • Min - $5,000
  • Max - $9,999
  • Referral bonus - 7%
  • Instant Withdrawals
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For 10 Days

Gold Plan
  • Min - $10,000
  • Max - Unlimited
  • Referral bonus - 7%
  • Instant Withdrawals
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Our Real Estate Projects

Some of our Real Estate Projects available for rentals and purchase

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our happy customers

Customer Satisfaction is the best business strategy of all

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Sieng Channa

A heart warming congratulations to my humble self on my return profit from Highbreed Limited the best platform which one can ever think of investing with, I'm so glad l invested with this great platform because ever since I've been so happy

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Jonathan Watson
United Kingdom

I'm so greatful for this company for giving me this opportunity to partner with them. I'm so proud of being a member of Highbreed Limited. Today I made another great profit, congratulations for my self Highbreed Limited is the best amongst all

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Peter Sochea

Works like a charm. I love the ease of the company and would highly recommend purchasing their stocks be it daily, weekly or monthly program or daily savings program to create a perfect profit generating opportunity for yourself

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Abdel Sovin

And to my colleague who helped me make this great move by introducing this company to me. I thank you personally. I wouldn't have been here without you . Thanks to the Highbreed Limited team. It has been great working with you guys, Cheers